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Tales from a Hill Top Town

A collection of short stories and reminiscences from Tow Law, from the last 150 years. Published in 2011 this 60 page book records a collection of short stories and memories from the towns history.


Looking Back

A Pictorial History of the Tow Law area, containing forty four of the societies best photographs and text.


The Stargazer of Tow Law

An account of the life and time of the Rev T. H. E. C. Espin, Vicar of Tow Law and renowned amateur astronomer and scientist, with a Foreword by Patrick Moor.


Whence and Wither

The Problem of the small, isolated urban community ina depressed area. A stuffy of social, economic and health conditions: with some reference to the lot of coal miners engaged in low-seam mining. By Dr Alfred Charlton (Tow Law Medical Officer, 1932)


Tow Law, Its Foundation and Early History

A comprehensive account of the early, industrial, history of the area. Written by J. W. Fawcett in 1890.


Digital Publications

Memories of Tow Law

A video photo album originally released on VHS in 1996 and reproduced on DVD in 2008.


(Please note: this production was orrigionaly mad on VHS and copied to DVD therfore production quality is that of a VHS)

Tow Law Children’s Census

A record of the children living in the Parish of Tow Law, between 1877 and 1901.

Tow Law was one of the only places in the UK to make a record of the Children living in the Parish along with the normal adult census. It has now become a useful tool for historians and genealogists alike.